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Introducing the PADT Startup Spotlight:

ANSYS Startup Program


You qualify if:


  • You are a privately held company


  • You are not a consulting or services company (or a company that provides consulting services as part of your business model)


  • Your startup is less than 5 years old


  • You have less than US $1 million in revenue per year


Since their inception in 2014, Velox Motorsports has always been focused on speed; whether that be the speed of the NASCAR teams they have worked with or the desire their customers have for speed, which drives their competitiveness and fuels the demand for their products. This passion for speed is even expressed in the company’s name (Velox), which translates from Latin to “swift or speed”. As such, it would only make sense that such a company would seek out a way to improve the speed that matters most to their business; the speed of delivering high quality products to their customers.


This passion paired with a serious focus on creating the best possible products led Velox on a search for software that not only met their engineering needs, but also their drive to be the best at what they do.




Looking for a change

Introducing the ANSYS Startup Program


Since registering for the ANSYS Startup Program, Velox has seen quite the transformation, with their business succeeding in a number of ways  previously not thought possible. Velox has been able to reduce their time performing R&D, which in turn reduces their costs for bringing a product to market. They have also been successful at further streamlining their simulation and removing barriers that had previously slowed down the development process.


Velox Co-Owner Paul Lucas expressed a great deal of satisfaction with how ANSYS meshing and solving technologies have improved operations, saying:


“ANSYS has many great meshing tools that can be used with Fluent and many ways to check the quality. We are now able to mesh much more complex geometry with better quality in about ½ the time. This has had such a great impact on our time to market for our products.  It also gives us more confidence in our analysis results.”


As a startup facing typical capital constraints, Velox initially worked with OpenFOAM, an open source finite volume CFD package. During their search for a meshing tool to work with OpenFOAM, Velox was approached by PADT’s Dan Hartman, who after having seen some of their Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) work on social media, realized they would be a perfect fit for the ANSYS Startup Program.


Velox was hesitant at first, knowing that ANSYS software, while powerful with regards to Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and CFD, was also out of their price range. Dan and the sales support staff at PADT were able to convince Velox to come in and discuss the possibility of registering under the ANSYS Startup Program.  As many startups and entrepreneurs know, it is extremely difficult to afford new software while still being able to fund everything else necessary to run the business.


Eric Hazen is the Co-Owner of Velox Motorsports and has been a through automotive enthusiast since he was only 15 years old, which is what initially peaked his interest in engineering. At age 16 Eric worked as a technician at Toyota for four years until attending Purdue University at Indianapolis, where he participated in FSAE (The Formula Society of Automotive Engineers), until ultimately graduating with B.S. in Mechanical Engineering. Eric’s knowledge and recognition have grown through his work as a technical safety inspector for the Indy Racing League and a design engineer at C&R Racing. With his extensive knowledge of the industry, Eric eventually decided to flex his entrepreneurial muscles and partnered with a group of other motorsport engineers, opening Velox Motorsports, beginning his journey into revolutionizing the components available to the aftermarket industry.


“I love taking things apart, designing mechanical pieces, and manufacturing as a whole.”


Meet the Startup Spotlight

Eric Hazen, Co-Owner

Paul Lucas is a CFD/Aerodynamics Engineer and the Co-Owner of Velox Motorsports. From a young age he has expressed a love for speed. While studying at the school of engineering at Purdue University at Indianapolis, Paul participated in FSAE (The Formula Society of Automotive Engineers), and worked as a design engineer intern for Don Schumacher Racing, developing new Top Fuel Chassis. After graduating with a B.S. in Motorsports Engineering, Paul proved his expertise, as he worked his way from mechanical engineer to engineering manager at AMS Performance Inc. in only a year and a half, before leaving to help found Velox Motorsports in 2014, effectively catering to the ever-growing needs of the automotive market like never before.


“Loved cars and anything mechanical that goes fast got me into engineering. From there, engineering school gave me the knowledge to pursue what I love.”

Paul Lucas, Co-Owner

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