CUBE a128h Intersteller Class Workstation

Intel E5-2690 TESLA C2075 GPU ANSYS

AMD FirePro V5900 Worksation Video Card

Unboxing the NVIDIA TESLA C2075

CUBE HVPC - C64SE-IB, 40GBps Infiniband Interconnect

Opteron 6174, 287 hour electrical cost usage for a server with four AMD Opteron 6174 Processors

Stratasys 3D Printing & Production Systems

Unloading and Loading the Dimension 3D printer

How to load the uPrint

Stratasys Objet500 Connex3 launch - World's First Color Multi-material 3D Printer


Using the ANSYS CFD Viewer to Look at FEA Results from ANSYS Mechanical APDL

ANSYS CFD Post FEA Results Anaimation

Rapid Prototyping

Examples of Rapid Prototyping Models

HAAS Super Mill in action

HAAS GT20 LATHE - Machining a Custom Bearing Shield

Bob CNC Milling in 3 Axis

Flownex Thermal-Fluid Modeling

Introduction to Flownex SE

Flownex SE 2014 New Release Enhancements

Mining System Applications of Flownex SE, Part 1

Mining System Applications of Flownex SE, Part 2

Simple HSRG Simulation & Post Processing using a 1-D System Model in Flownex



GeoMagic Overview

GeoMagic Studio 2012 Overview


PADT Tour - Part 1

PADT Tour - Part 2

iPhone Recording of PADT's Part in Cox7 STEM Program Announcement

PADT Accepting 2011 GCOI Pioneering Innovation Award

2011 ASU Spirit of Enterprise Award

Pumpkin Day 2010

Pumpkin Day

A Modern Mortar System by PADT, Inc

Demonstrating the immersed solid capabilities in the CFX code

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