A modular system for data capture without part preparation

Fast, intuitive and highly precise

The modular ZEISS T-SCAN system is your fast way forward: Capture 3D data without any part preparation. Its perfectly matched components – the hand-held T-SCAN laser scanner, the optical tracking system T-TRACK and the touch probe T-POINT – form an intuitive and highly precise 3D metrology solution.

Combine a hand-held T-SCAN laser scanner with the optical tracking system of your choice: the established T-TRACK 20 for large measuring volumes of up to 20 m³ – or the new T-TRACK 10 for a smaller measuring volume of up to 10 m³ and higher accuracy. If you want to quickly and reliably capture individual measuring positions, choose the touch probe T-POINT. It’s the perfect solution for single-point measurements on object areas such as trimmed edges and standard geometrics or optically hard-to-reach areas.

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