In 2014 PADT's Matt Sutton published an Ansys Mechanical ACT Extension that allowed users of Ansys Mechanical APDL's PID Thermostat Controler in Ansys Mechanical. He uploaded it to the Ansys store an...
Ansys Mechanical enables users to solve complex structural engineering problems and make better, faster design decisions. With the first set of 2023 updates, this tool continues provide innovative so...
The other day we got a tech support request wanting to know to check the tangency of all the surfaces in a model systematically in Ansys SpaceClaim. You can check surface tangency at an edge using th...
Nonconformance in components or subsystems are important factors to consider when assessing the risk or reliability of a large or complex network. These may include component sizing, operating condit...
 Published on: January 26, 2023With: Eric Miller & PADT Technical Support TeamDescription:  In this episode your host and Co-Founder of PADT, Eric Miller is joined by members of...
I hope everyone had a good holiday season and a great start to the new year! With a new year comes new releases of Ansys software, including Zemax, Speos, and Lumerical. Speos and Lumerical have been...
Oh, no – my favorite Arizona PADT puzzle is missing a piece!! What can I do to recreate the Phoenix/Tucson part? Luckily, I have access to ZEISS 3D scanning equipment. In less than five minutes...
What's the difference between Reverse Engineering and 3D Digitization? Reverse Engineering requires engineering problem solving to determine how a product/design met its required functionality and pu...

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IME 2023 MD&M | WestPack | ATX | D&M | Plastek


IME 2023: MD&M | WestPack | ATX | D&M | Plastek


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38th Space Symposium
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38th Space Symposium
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38th Space Symposium Arizona Space Industry

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