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We started an email newsletter back in 2002 as “The Focus.”  We kept that up for some time and then made the plunge into blogging around 2008. Over the years, thousands of students and engineers from around the world have told us that our blog is an invaluable tool to them. If you can’t find what you are looking for, don’t hesitate to contact us. 

Ansys uses a complicated formula to determine how many Ansys HPC licenses are required when running parametric variations in parallel. Ansys does provide a licensing calculator that will do the ma...
After working with Robert McLoughlin as a representative of our partners for many years, we are pleased to announce that he agreed to accept the role of Vice President of Sales for PADT. You can...
Easily handle the complexity of the varied design environments you may face.  Ansys offers structural analysis software solutions that enable engineers of all levels and backgrounds to solve ...
With the release of 2023 R2, the Ansys LS-Dyna interface in Ansys Mechanical can now specify a thin volume to be meshed with either a standard hexagonal solid element or using a thick shell element f...
If you're anything like me, you probably install a lot of software... Here's a quick guide to installing SCADE 2024R1, the right way. First, navigate to the Ansys Current Release site, where crede...
One of the great things about Ansys Mechanical is that there are always several ways to do something. And, with the growth of PyAnsys there are even more. In a recent training class, we were asked t...
PADT's January 2024 Newsletter is out. You can view it online here or view and download the PDF below. Get The PADT Pulse delivered to your mailbox every month by subscribing now. PADT-Newsletter-...
As much as we loved our location in the heart of historic downtown Littleton, CO, the time had come to move to a more modern, more convenient location. After a bit of a search, the team found a ...
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Before the PADT Blog, there was the Focus Newsletter. Page layout is now a lost art.

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