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Bringing together the industry-leading optical 3D scanning technology of GOM and ZEISS.

#HandsOnMetrology presents a joint portfolio of 3D scanning solutions by GOM and ZEISS. The aim is to set new standards in 3D metrology and spread the word about its various applications. With PADT, they support the community of designers, technicians, engineers, scientists, and specialists with valuable knowledge to increase product quality, optimize processes and expand possibilities.
Built on proven laser and blue-light scanning technology from ZEISS and GOM, #HandsOnMetrology and PADT offer a variety of scanning hardware, leading software, and the support needed to integrate precise and efficient metrology into your product development and manufacturing processes.

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GOM Inspect Software

GOM Inspect Software

A portable solution for 3D scanning

GOM Scan 1

A small scanner for precise meshes and big ideas
Scanning: ZEISS T-SCan Hawk 2


A portable solution for 3D scanning

#HandsOnMetrology Case Studies

Energetic: The magic of turbine machinery

Using 3D optical scanning to reverse engineer industrial turbine spare parts

Meet Johan, director of Energetic Machinery in Belgium, and experience his passion for industrial steam turbines. Their company repairs and replaces turbomachinery components. They use optical 3D Scanning to capture existing geometry and reverse engineer replacement parts or plan their refurbishment. The portable nature of the GOM and ZEISS optical scanners allows them to go to the customer site accurately capture geometry.
Energetic Machinery is a classic example of how manufacturing companies across industries leverage #HandsOnMetrology to drive their reverse engineering efforts.

Cowboy: E-bikes for urban riders

3D scanning helps in the creation of perfectly flush frames and in complex assemblies.

Meet Olivier from E-bike manufacturer Cowboy in Brussels. The company’s aim is to manufacture urban mobility solutions that offer amazing design, seamless usage, and affordability. At cowboy, they are pushing the boundaries of design, including a completely flush assembly even though it consists of different components. To achieve the precision they need, they leverage the power of 3D Scanning to capture their complex surface. That information is used to improve the design and make quick design iterations.

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