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We start with engineering fundamentals, add in customer specifications, leverage our in-house design, simulation, test, and manufacturing, and tie it all together with flexible project management to bring your innovation to life.

It does not matter what name you use for it – Simulation, Virtual Prototyping, Virtual Testing, Numerical Analysis, FEA, CFD, CAE or Modeling. PADT is an organization that is dedicated to maintaining its leadership role in providing a full spectrum of simulation services to its customers.
More than a Black Box - A Part Of
Your Team

Most companies offering simulation services have a “black box” business model. You give them a problem statement, they give you a quote. You give them money, they give you a report. At PADT we look at simulation as a collaborative effort that begins with us working to understand what answers you are trying to find with your simulation. Once we understand that we will work with you to establish the right problem statement and a reasonable price.

Breadth and depth to address the full problem statement

Most companies offering simulation services have a “black box” business model. You give them a problem statement, they give you a quote. You give them money, they give you a report. At PADT we look at simulation as a collaborative effort that begins with us working to understand what answers you are trying to find with your simulation. Once we understand that we will work with you to establish the right problem statement and a reasonable price.

Our Process

Stage 00

Gather Information
and Data

Stage 01

Initial Ideas and
Product Concept

Stage 02

Solidfy Potential Design for Prototyping

Stage 03

Build and Test
Preliminary Product

Stage 04

Detail Product

Stage 05

Final Testing
and Qualification

Stage 06

Build Product and
Support Sales

Stage 07

Document and Transfer Deliverable


Our Product Development team is industry agnostic, we are all about bringing the best in design, engineering, and test to every industry and leveraging knowledge in one area for other verticals. Over the years, we have developed significant experience in a few key industries.

Medical Devices

Diverse product knowledge
Quality system awareness
Rigorous project management

Solar Power Systems

Extensive industry experience
Diverse manufacturing knowledge
Strong focus on system efficiency

Rotating Machinery

Comprehensive understanding of thermodynamics
Powerful multiphysics simulation
Fundamental familiarity with industry

Eletronics Packaging

Integrated electrical and mechanical engineering
Robust thermal and mechanical simulation
Broad packaging experience across size and application

Manufacturing Machinery

Innovative problem solving
Proven software/hardware integration
Comprehensive vendor pool

Advanced Agriculture

Creative application of advanced engineering Deep understanding of industry challenges Critical attention to cost

Consumer Products

Rigorous product development process Obsessive focus on customer experience Flexible creativity to enable innovation

Why PADT for Product Develoment?

Need Assistance With Your SBIR/STTR Project?

Over the years, companies and universities have come to PADT to leverage our design, test, and simulation experience in support of their engineering for their SBIR and STTR grants. Our team supports the proposal phase with quotes, letters of support, and collateral information at no cost to you. After you are awarded your grant, we provide the resources you don’t have in-house. This usually includes the combination of simulation, project, management, design, prototype build, and testing you need to supplement your team. We focus on design for manufacturability and solving complex technical challenges, supplementing your domain expertise with our engineering experience and extensive experience running our own SBIR/STTR projects

Contact us at consulting@padtinc.com to discuss the solicitations you are considering. 

case study

Exploring Better Ways to Remove Wrinkles

Ultherapy is a non-surgical, non-invasive procedure for the face that uses high density, focused, ultrasound and the body’s own natural healing process

The existing Handpiece was functional, yet difficult and expensive to manufacture and service. The system also suffered from transducer-handpiece engagement issues that were complicated by component in­terface and tolerancing issues. PADT approached the redesign project using a multi-company, multi-disciplined team while working within our flexible, customer-specific, FDA compliant design control process.

“PADT has provided a number of valuable services for Ulthera® ranging from design work and ergonomic improvements, to manufacturability and V&V testing. Ulthera® also benefited from PADT’s adaptable, customer-specific, Design Control process to minimize the QC documentation requirements on the Ulthera® staff”

– Michael Peterson Vice President, R&D Ulthera, Inc

case study

Prooving Durability in a Life Saving Artificial Heart

Originally used as a permanent replacement heart, the SynCardia Total Artificial Heart is currently approved as a bridge to transplant.

PADT’s challenge was to translate SynCardia’s design requirements into a series of verification tests for the Freedom portable driver and meet a very strict delivery schedule. PADT’s medical device engineering staff worked closely with SynCardia’s engineering, QC, and regulatory personnel to translate design requirements into a series of successful verification tests.

“SynCardia has chosen to work with PADT based on their ability to develop close personal relationships, to create and implement engineering solutions rapidly, and to support SynCardia’s innovative drive for our lifesaving technology.“

– Douglas A. Nutter Chief Operating Officer SynCardia Systems, Inc.

case study

Proving Feasibility for a Novel Tissue Expander

The tissue expander improves surgical access during minimally invasive surgeries by creating and maintaining, an enlarged surgical corridor through more gentle radial expansion instead of a downward stabbing motion.

PADT’s challenge was to develop a compelling prototype to prove the viability of the technology, and find out if the device could be packaged within an enclosure that would lend itself to the surgical environment ).

“I found there to be great benefit in going through PADT’s disciplined steps for the development of an updated prototype of our device. Restarting with a more systematic approach, and analyzing each component fresh, made me feel confident about every aspect of the new design.”

Neil R. Crawford, PhD, Associate Professor, Spinal Biomechanics Barrow Neurological Institute

case study

An Electric Vehicle Quick Charger that is Fast and Stays Cool

Most charging stations require hours to recharge a vehicle contributing to the limited viability of electric vehicles. When introduced, the ECOtality Blink DC Fast Charger was the fastest method for charging vehicles; it used intelligent, user-friendly features to intuitively and safely charge electric vehicles in under 30 minutes. ECOtality approached PADT to develop the Charge Dispensing Unit (CDU), the customer-facing part of the world’s first Blink DC Fast charger.  We utilized our in-house simulation expertise to assure reliable operation over a wide range of temperature, environmental, and operating conditions.

“PADT did a great job translating our prototype ideas into a fully-designed, manufacturable product. From multi-disciplinary engineering to project management to fabrication, PADT did it all. PADT worked collaboratively with our team to understand requirements and to solve technical hurdles in order to deliver a product that best fit our expectations.” – Garrett Beauregard, Senior VP of Engineering, ECOtality Inc.

case study

Zapping Wrong Way Drivers

RS Solutions was looking to develop a method to stop a wrong way driver (WWD) on the roadway ramp, by sending radio frequency (RF) waves into the engine compartment of the WWD vehicle.  In Phase I of the SBIR, RS Solutions demonstrated an RF system can successfully cause engine fault, which will stall the motor and require the driver to restart the engine.  Phase II of the SBIR expanded on the earlier work, looking to understand if this equipment could be effective across diverse vehicles and at differing speeds.  Along with consultation for engineering and test practices, PADT has been able to aid RS Solutions in several innovative developments during this Phase II effort.

“PADT came aboard on this project at an early conceptual stage to help RS Solutions win the Phase I SBIR and continued to support the project through our Phase II work. The team at PADT made valuable contributions to the projects through the entire process.”

– Jay Berens Owner and President, RS Solutions

case study

Providing Out of This World Vibration Characterization

Altius Space Machines has been developing a system that enables transfer of anhydrous ammonia propellant between orbiting spacecraft. Within this system, they have a mission-critical and complicated valve assembly. Altius needed to understand how this assembly would behave from a vibration standpoint during launch. Altius’ and PADT’s goal during this analysis was to understand the resonant natural frequencies along with the excited modes and their relative energy present during launch of the assembly.

“PADT delivered above and beyond what was expected and worked closely with our team to support the entire process rather than just handing off a finished product. The end result was a realistic vibration simulation model that agreed well with tests, and a complete understanding of the results and process. Will be reaching out again and recommending to others.”
– Keith Drake, Test, Prototype, Facilities, and Operations Manager, Altius Space Machines

What our Customers are Saying:

"I wanted to thank you and your team for the efforts thus far. The progress is impressive and our team really likes working with your team. I also could see the progress and dedication in this week’s update."
- Aerospace Manufacturing Company
"I simply love this Budget Chart! I have not seen anybody doing this around. "
- Water Treatment Consulting Company
"PADT has been nothing but the most professional and pleasant company to work with! I appreciate your efforts in my project thus far, and feel so lucky you shared contacts/resources that might be a better fit for my product. Thank you again for everything. I will reach out to you in the future if we think you might be able to help with anything else along our journey. "
- Potential New Product Customer
"Everything was done as described in the timeframe and cost outline as predicted.  We are very happy with the work on this project​. We may need help later in the year and will reach back out if that comes to fruition."
- Automotive Part Supplier
"PADT provided much more than we expected to receive. All of it as very beneficial."
- Semi Equipment Manufacturer
"This project was difficult, but PADT provided everything they committed to accomplish and we will come back to PADT for more work. "
- Naval Architecture Firm
"Communication was great. The work was great. "
- Medical Device Company
"We were impressed with PADT's tenacity and follow-up on this project. In the end, we got a product that is working well, and I would recommend us to others and will reach back out for help with future projects as the need arises.​ "
- Medical Device Company
"PADT’s performance was 5 out of 5.  We accomplished all that was required and were able to pivot as needed to obtain needed information.  PADT is seen as a valuable engineering partner and will be utilized further. "
- Consumer Product Manufacturer

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