PADT’s Dave Dietrich Featured on 3DPOD Podcast

Episode 194 of the 3DPOD podcast featured PADT’s very own Director of Hardware Sales and Support, Dave Dietrich. The fantastic interview with Joris Peels of and Maxwell Bogue of WobbleWorks took Dave on a walk down memory lane before digging deep into what PADT is up to these days and his view on the state of the Additive Manufacturing ecosystem. 3DPOD is, by most measures, the most popular 3D printing podcast on the internet.

You can listen in at the following links:

Here is the description from the podcast:

David Dietrich’s journey in 3D printing spans from materials engineering roles at Boeing and ORNL to his position as an engineering fellow at Honeywell, showcasing his extensive experience in metals and polymer manufacturing. Currently, David is part of PADT, a company specializing in the manufacturing and design of 3D printed medical devices, space components, and more. In this episode of the 3DPOD, Dietrich shares his insights into the evolution of 3D printing over the years, offering valuable lessons from his broad experience in the field.

This interview is a great example of the expertise that PADT brings to our customers. When you work with PADT for your Stratasys or EOS products needs or to have your additive manufacturing done by PADT, you get Dave and others like him on your team. If you have any questions or needs around 3D Printing, Simulation, or Product Development, contact us today and talk to our engineers like Dave.


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