Press Release: PADT Launches New Online Store for Stratasys 3D Printing Material

Back in 2012, our customers were asking for a way to order their Stratasys 3D Printing material online. So, we created It was one of the first e-commerce sites for Business-to-Business purchases of 3D Printing materials. And it worked great. For a long time. Then it kind of got old, but still worked and our customers were used to it. So we kept it going. Next year, we kept saying.

Well, 11 years later, we are finally replacing it with a new, modern site:

It is still the same material, still the same friendly and knowledgeable PADT staff processing the orders and offering support, and still the same flexible options for shipping and payment. It just looks a lot better and brings some modern features to the table, including:

  • Save favorite products
  • Shopping lists
  • Review the status of current orders
  • Enhanced search and filtering
  • Order history

We will be running both sites in parallel to give customers some time to set up accounts in the new portal.

You can learn more by reading the press release:

If you are trying to decide who is your best option for the world’s leading 3D Printing hardware from Stratasys, contact PADT, and we would love to show you all the advantages of purchasing, supporting, and material fulfillment with PADT.

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