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ANSYS, Inc. has been at the forefront of enabling significant improvements in the process used to develop physical products. The use of simulation has become more complex, thorough, efficient, and accurate. ANSYS, Inc's. suite of mechanical, fluid, and electromagnetic simulation are used by a majority of today's successful companies to drive product development with simulation.

Built upon the breakthrough Workbench platform, ANSYS, Inc's software tools offer unparalleled breadth and depth of capability. For over a decade a consistent product vision has driven development and acquisitions:

  • A laser like focus on creating Advanced Technologies that forms the core of each product, especially with industry leading solvers including FLUENT, ANSYS, and HFSS, and dedication to leading the way in high performance computing.
  • An emphasis on developing tools that can be used efficiently and effectively by customers to conduct Virtual Prototyping on their products and systems. Examples of this are comprehensive Multiphysics, Bi-Directional CAD Associativity, and true Systems level modeling.
  • A dedication to providing Process Compression throughout the analysis process. This is achieved by taking the time to make sure all the tools work together seamlessly, providing built in scripting and automation tools, delivering a comprehensive workflow management tool, and including optimization/probabilistic in almost every toolset.
  • A realization that engineering today is a global collaborative effort and designing the entire product suite to enable Dynamic CAE Collaboration. Process management, data management, and remote access and solve tools are typical example of how ANSYS, Inc. has delivered on this aspect of the vision.

PADT has been a valued ANSYS Channel Partner since 1997 and provides sales and technical support for ANSYS, Inc. Mechanical, Fluids, Multiphysics, Low Frequency Electromagnetics, Systems, and Off Shore products to customers in Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah and Nevada. Customers choose to purchase their ANSYS products through PADT for a simple reason: PADT partners closely with their ANSYS customers to return significant value from their simulation software investment. The sales team is focused on long term win-win relationships with our customers. Before and after the sale of any ANSYS, Inc. tool, PADT's engineering team is there to help customers understand what tools they need, and once they have them, how to most effectively use those tools with our famous technical support and training. Users around the world come to PADT as a place to find invaluable user resources, led by our "The Focus" blog articles and XANSYS user forum.

ANSYS Simulation Software

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