Ansys SPEOS 2023 R2 is Out. Here’s Why Users Should Be Excited!


The Ansys SPEOS development team has been hard at work to advance the capabilities of Ansys SPEOS upon each release, and 2023 R2 is no different. The new features that stand out in previous releases are the Live Preview tool, Block Recording, and GPU simulation capabilities. Since the release of these new features, the team has continued to improve their functionality and efficiency. For instance, in 2023R2, Live Preview is now interactive with an update button to capture and present modifications to objects in a simulation almost instantly.

Ansys SPEOS 2023 R2

Regarding Block Recording in Ansys SPEOS 2023R2, the tool has improved in readability for a concise, parametric driven design approach. Lastly, Ansys SPEOS GPU continues to expand its functionality to include objects like the Ray File Source, the 3D Irradiance Sensor, and the output faces of the irradiance sensor in an inverse simulation. All three features can now benefit from the speed of GPU without having to sacrifice accuracy.

Ansys SPEOS 2023 R2

Optimization in Ansys Speos 2023 R2

Ansys SPEOS 2023 R2

One of the exciting new features of 2023R2 is a beta feature that is expected to decrease design time and increase system performance. The Optimization feature parameterizes a complete simulation environment and uses photometric targets to get a result that meets system requirements. This new feature is embedded within Ansys SPEOS and has three different ways to optimize: Random, Design of Experiment, and Plugin. Random optimization is a global optimization method utilizing a random search algorithm, Design of Experiments utilizes a design table with variables from the simulation to study their influence on simulation results, and Plugin lets users leverage any custom optimization engine.  

For the engineers that utilize optiSLang for its powerful optimization techniques, there is now an Ansys SPEOS solver wizard that uses published parameters from an Ansys SPEOS file to be used as optimization parameters within optiSLang. There are some examples available on the Ansys Optics website that couple Ansys SPEOS and optiSLang for optimized interior and exterior lighting designs.

Head-Mounted Display (HMD) Support

The Virtual Reality Lab within Ansys SPEOS Labs can now deploy OptisVR and SPEOS360 files onto an HMD display. This function will duplicate the VR-Lab view onto a VR HMD. This can help users get a proper feeling of the size of their designs, and experience true virtual image perception for HUD and AR/VR headsets. It is important to note that this feature is in beta mode and requires manual tuning. It currently lacks head tracking but enables the experience of stereoscopy to its users in 3D devices.

Ansys SPEOS 2023 R2

Optics Launcher in Ansys SPEOS 2023 R2

Ansys SPEOS 2023 R2

The new Ansys Optics Launcher is included with each 2023 R2 download of Ansys SPEOS, Zemax OpticStudio and Lumerical. The Ansys Optics Launcher allows users to open any Ansys Optics product if a license is available, and serves as a way to obtain a self-serve 30-day trial of any of the Ansys Optics products. New release downloads and installations can also be accessed through the launcher. Workflow examples and KnowledgeBase articles can also be accessed through the Ansys Optics Launcher. Users will find that the launcher creates a convenient way of accessing all their Ansys Optics Products and resources from a single window.

The list of new features, enhancements, and changes included in the Ansys SPEOS 2023R2 release goes beyond what was included in this article. Make sure to get started on 2023R2 and read the full feature release notes (now available through the “Learning and Support Tab ALSO new to Ansys SPEOS in 2023R2)!

Ansys SPEOS 2023 R2

Feel free to reach out to us here at PADT if you have any questions on the new features, would like advice on how to approach your simulation workflow, or if you’d like some help understanding your simulation results. We love to hear how our customers are using their Ansys simulation tools to solve complex problems!

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