Pi Day 2024 – Diving Into Some Pies and Math

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Across the World/Around the Globe, more and more people are joining PADT in celebrating Pi Day on March 14th. We repeated our annual celebration here at PADT with some amazingly tasty pies and our annual math quiz.

Going Generative AI for Pi Day

One thing that we did differently this year was use AI to generate some artwork. Because we use Adobe Creative Cloud, we have access to Adobe Firefly, and we played around with it and came up with these four graphics. The prompt was ” The Greek letter pi floating in the air over an apple pie with a chalkboard in the background showing math equations.” (Art) (Painting)

PADT AI Pi Day 2024 p1
PADT AI Pi Day 2024 p2
PADT AI Pi Day 2024 p3
PADT AI Pi Day 2024 p4

More of Pi is Known: 105 Trillion Digits

On Pi Day this year, a data storage company called Solidgm and the team at StorageReview used almost a petabyte of storage to calculate Pi to 105 trillion digits. It took 75 days to find out that the 105 trillionth digit of Pi is 6. Read all about it in their press release.

Another New Top Mathematician at PADT

We scoured the internet to find ten questions that covered all sorts math topics and sent it out to the company. Everyone had till 3:30 pm on Pi Day to answer and submit their answers. No surprise, three of our engineers got every question right.

image 5

So we got four more questions in front of them, and two of them got three right. So, the winner was the one who submitted their responses first. So they will get this year’s Pie/Pi plate:

image 3

The Most Important Part of Pi Day: The Pie

We also had a pie-baking contest, and the entries were amazing! But the apple pie looked and tasted the best.

image 6

Here is the winning pie:

image 7

What more could an engineering company ask for than good food and fun math quizzes?

A great day to remember what Pi is all about.


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