How does it work?

FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) creates parts by extruding and depositing thermoplastic materials in layers. Once a layer of heated filament is extruded, the build plate lowers, and the process repeats until finished.


High strength materials
Excellent mechanical and thermal properties
Materials with good ESD properties
Chemical resistant materials
Flexible TPU material
Part size up to 36 inches


Production Parts
Manufacture durable parts for low-volume and short-run applications, or high-volume complex designs.
Jigs and Fixtures
Produce lightweight, consolidated, and customized parts for tooling applications.
Functional Prototypes
Parts designed mechanically, thermally, and chemically strong for concept models, and early prototyping.

Technical Data

Layer Thickness 0.005 – 0.02 in
Accuracy/Tolerance ± 0.004 - 0.054 in
Max Single Size Part 36 x 24 x 36”

*Accuracy/tolerance may vary with part geometry, dimensions, and build orientation
*Numbers are based on published Stratasys data

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