How does it work?

Laser scanning is a non-destructive and non-contact technology that uses trigonometric triangulation to capture a 3D shape. The laser projects multiple dots at a known angle and captures its reflection with sensors. The sensor then creates and processes millions of points to create the object’s geometry.

Laser Advantages

High precision and resolution
Ability to scan larger objects
Can scan in low-light conditions
Matting spray not required for black, shiny, and white objects


  • 3D Printing
  • First Article Inspection 
  • 3D Digitization
  • Part Inspection 
  • Part Validation 
  • Forensic Analysis 
  • Part Disposition 
  • Quality Assurance

Technical Data

Accuracy 0.020 mm
Resolution Up to 0.010 mm
Output File Format Multiple including .stl

* Numbers are based on published ScanTech data

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