How does it work?

PolyJet forms 3D objects by using Inkjet technology to deposit and cure photopolymers layer by layer.


Multi-material printing within the same part
Print rigid or elastomeric parts (Shore A30 to A95)
Opaque and transparent parts
Full color spectrum


Overmolded Parts
Prototype elastomeric material over molded with rigid material. Printed at the same time in singular piece.
Full Color Prototyping
Parts can be designed and printed in full color which means you can have realistic prototypes in hand in a matter of days.
Textured Parts
Polyjet high resolution process allows textures to be printed directly on the part with no special post processing required.

Technical Data

Layer Thickness 0.006 – 0.001 in
Accuracy/Tolerance ± 0.004 – 0.01 in
Max Single Size Part 19 x 15 x 7.9”

*Accuracy/tolerance may vary with part geometry, dimensions, and build orientation
*Numbers are based on published Stratasys data

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