Seven Case Studies on Product and Medical Device Development

This morning we added the seventh case study highlighting some customer stories to PADT’s new website.  These short documents highlight a project that our product and medical device development teams worked on with a variety of customers, from Nissan to a medical device inventor.  You can view them under the Successes portion of our website, […]

Tags and Filters in ANSYS Mechanical 14.5

I have been doing this simulation thing for too long. I actually got giddy when I saw a new icon in 14.5.  That usually is enough to get me going. Then when I saw it allowed me to put tags on items in my model tree, the OCD part of me got very interested. When […]

Retail 3D Printing at the Beginning of 2013

I just came across a posting from Terry Wohlers that he did in December with some interesting observations on the growth of 3D Printing in retail stores: 3D Printing at Retail Stores I have to agree with Terry’s assessment that these efforts in Africa and Europe to bring this new technology to a mass market through old […]

11411 – Symmetry in Subscribers

Every day we get a little update from Constant Contact on how many people subscribed or unsubscribed from our mailing list.  The number this morning was 11411: I don’t really remember when it got above 10,000, but 11,000 is an impressive number of people who want to be kept informed about various things going on at […]

PADT has an Immediate Opening for a CFD Engineer

We just posted a new job opening on our website for an Experienced CFD Analysis Engineer. The bottom line is that we are looking for someone who really likes variety, who really knows their stuff, and who likes doing both services and support work.  This position will join the rest of PADT’s CFD team in conducting CFD […]

Empty High-End Computer Rack, What Should we Fill it With?

We have a new rack installed in our compute server room (well closet really).  I wonder what we can fill that with? Looks like it can handle a lot of heat, and a lot of units.  We shall see what the week brings. I smell some new CUBE HVPC hardware in PADT’s future. Stay Tuned.

ICEM CFD as a Data Compliant System in ANSYS Workbench

ICEM CFD is probably the most capable mesher on the planet. Not only do we here at PADT use it as our preferred tool for creating complex hex meshes, it has a whole host of other capabilities and controls that make it the power users choice. But one thing that has been frustrating for some […]

Saving Mechanical APDL Plots in a Design Study

One of the cool features in the ANSYS Workbench is the ability to set up a design study and kick off a bunch of runs that bring back key parameters.  This is great for a design exploration but sometimes you actually would like a result plot, or maybe the info in a text file as […]

Startup Lesson Learned 3: Be Honest and Open about your Strengths and Weaknesses

About the Series “10 Tech Startup Lessons Learned”PADT is a company focused on helping companies bring their physical products to market. As “We Make Innovation Work” for our customers, we learn a lot about what does and does not work in technology startup companies. In addition, we were once a startup ourselves and we now […]

Suite Available in PADT’s Building at the ASU Research Park

We have a suite opening up on May 1, 2013 in the PADT Innovation Center at the ASU Research Park in Tempe.  Everyone drives through this business park and says to themselves “I’d really like to locate here some day.”  Well now is your chance. Located just off Elliot and the 101, the suite is […]

Stratasys and Objet Merger Complete

It is now official. Stratasys and Object have completed their merger to form a company worth over $3.0 Billion.  Actually, as we prepare this update it is up to $3.37B.  Obviously the markets thing this merger is a good thing. And now Stratasys has a new logo and what we think is a great slogan: […]

Writeup on PADT Customer Ulthera in BizJournal

We just noticed a nice write-up in the Phoenix Business Journal on one of PADT Medical’s customers: Ulthera. We are pleased to see them get the recognition they deserve for the success they have worked so hard to obtain.

Registered: We Make Innovation Work

It is official. We just got a letter from the US Patent and Trademark Office that “We Make Innovation Work” is now a registered trademark for PADT. Here it is for the first time with the special r-in-a-circle: We Make Innovation Work® This new slogan for PADT was born out of being involved in applying […]

Arizona Innovation Grant Winners Announced, Three are PADT Related

  The Arizona Commerce Authority (ACA) finished up the Fall 2012 Arizona Innovation Challenge Grant by announcing the six winners: Athena Wireless Communications, Surprise, AZ Instant BioScan, Tucson, AZ Post. Bid. Ship, Tucson, AZ Serious Integrated, Chandler , AZ Stat Doctors, Scottsdale, AZ Stimwave Technologies, Scottsdale, AZ This is a great collection of companies that […]

Serious Integrated: Modular Touch Screen Panels

PADT Angel Investment ProfilesGiving back to the community you come from is something that PADT strongly believes in. We extend this belief not just to charities, but also to the technology business community that helped to create the company we are today.  One way in which we do that is through strategic Angel investments in […]