Additive Manufacturing

The Additive Manufacturing section of this blog is for PADT customers in particular, and users of 3D Printing in general.  We hope you find it useful and entertaining. Over time we will post information below. Feel free to use the search to find specific information.  We also have some non-changing information on our resource page.


On this part of the blog PADT will be sharing “information” that may not have a lot of real value, but that we enjoy.  Look for links to things of high nerd value, a few jokes, silly pictures, and whatever else we feel might make you smile. There is a strict ban on LOL Cats, […]

Webinar Info: An Example of Moving Mesh Modeling of a Valve

Last week Clinton Smith gave a webinar showing an example of using moving meshes with ANSYS FLUENT. If you missed the presentation you can view a Recording here. Or download a PDF of the presentation here: PADT_ANSYS_Webinar_Moving_Mesh-2012_10_11.pdf As always, you can see which webinars are coming up, and view recordings of past webinars at:

Overcoming Convergence Difficulties in ANSYS Workbench Mechanical, Part I: Using Newton-Raphson Residual Information

Unable to converge.  Convergence Failure.  Failure to Converge.  Never nice words to see when you are trying to get your simulation done.  If you’ve encountered convergence failures while running nonlinear structural analyses in ANSYS Workbench Mechanical, this two part series is for you.  What is a convergence failure?  In a nutshell it means that there […]

Suppressing New-Line Characters in APDL, and a Better WRTTBL.mac

OK, it is Friday afternoon and if I do not write something soon the week will be missed. We did not do a seminar this week so I can not just post the notes and some comments from the webinar, bummer.  All of the real tech support people at PADT have been busy with training, […]

Webinar Info: Writing and Compiling a Custom Material Property in ANSYS Mechanical APDL

During our webinar held at noon on 9/27/2012 we promised to provide a link to the recording, a PDF of the PowerPoint, and some answers to a few questions.  Here is that information: Files Presentation PDF is here: PADT-Webinar-UserMat-2012_09_27.pdf Zip file with the sample USERMAT.f and input file:   State Variables I was a […]

Other Stuff Every User Should Know about Tables in ANSYS Mechanical APDL: Nesting and 4 or 5 Dimension Tables

About a month ago we published an article on “What Every User Should Know About Tables in ANSYS Mechanical APDL”  At the end of that article we had a section on “Other Stuff”  and expressed our hope to cover those subjects in the future. The future is now.  If you are not very familiar with […]

Get to Know VCollab, and Geomagic Training

PADT is proud to announce that it has added the VCollab 3D Visual Collaboration Software for CAE ( to its software product offerings. PADT will offer VCollab along with VCollab’s facilitating CAX file format to deliver on the growing need for smaller simulation result files and increased efficiency in data transfer to its customers in […]

Composite Sketching, ANSYS Style: Copying a Sketch from One DesignModeler Session to Another

Recently a customer approached me and told me that he had a sketch in one DesignModeler database that needed to be copied over to another DesignModeler database and asked me if it would be possible to do so. My initial reaction was, “No way, dude be trippin’,” because that’s how I talk in professional settings. […]