Phoenix Business Journal: Climbing the steepest technology slope – 5 suggestions for better productivity software integration

Most companies invest a lot of money into software productivity tools and then expect the various tools to work together. The reality is that connecting different products is hard, and is a common cause why many implementations fail. In “Climbing the steepest technology slope: 5 suggestions for better productivity software integration” I make some suggestions […]

Phoenix Business Journal: Digital fingerprint: The emerging technology that will identify the world around us

The concept of digital fingerprints a technology that is finding its way into everything from food safety to tracking online fraud. It is so powerful that all technology companies should know what it is and understand how it plays in their products and services. I take a look at what it is and how to […]

Phoenix Business Journal: Cutting the cord and the freight train of change headed toward all of us

While looking at disconnecting my home from a cable provider, I came to the realization that millions of other consumers were doing the same thing. This would change Cable TV forever. And what about other technologies, like the ones our company is built on. In “Cutting the cord and the freight train of change headed […]

Finding curve directions in ANSYS SpaceClaim   

As it so often does, another blog article idea came from a tech support question that I received the other day. “How do you view edge directions in ANSYS SpaceClaim?” You can do it in Mechanical, on the Edge Graphics Options Toolbar: This will turn on arrows so that you can see the edge directions. […]

Exploring On-Demand Manufacturing with Carbon 3D – Webinar

Join Carbon’s Production Engineer, Johnathon Wright and PADT’s Additive Manufacturing Solutions Account Manager Renee Palacios for a discussion on the various capabilities and applications of Carbon 3D’s exciting new technology. Attend this free webinar in order to learn about: What PADT’s capabilities are as a production partner How using Carbon is cheaper and faster than other methods […]

Spectre Side-Channel and Meltdown – How will living in this new reality affect the world of numerical simulation?

Literally, while I was sorting and running benchmarks and prepping the new benchmarks data originally titled. ANSYS Release 18.2 Ball Grid Array Benchmark information using two sixteen core INTEL® XEON® Gold 6130 CPU’s. I noticed that my news feeds had started to blow up with late breaking HPC news. The news as you may have […]

All Things ANSYS 011 – New Years Resolutions & how Metldown and Spectre Hardware vulnerability Impacts Simulation Users

  Published on: January 15, 2018 With: Ted Harris, Joe Woodward, Doug Oatis, Jim Peters, Ahmed Fayed, Eric Miller Description: In this episode your host and Co-Founder of PADT, Eric Miller is joined by PADT’s Jim Peters, Joe Woodword, Ahmed Fayed, Doag Oatis and Ted Harris, for a discussion on new and ongoing simulation-related resolutions, […]

Phoenix Business Journal: Phoenix is not Silicon Valley — and we shouldn’t want it to be

On a recent trip to San Francisco, I spent some time working in a coffee shop. It’s different there.  “Phoenix is not Silicon Valley — and we shouldn’t want it to be” is a look at what I observed and why I’m happy to be part of this community.

Phoenix Business Journal: How computer simulation enables better IP protection

Computer simulation has been a critical part of designing products for some time now. But it is also a valuable tool in understanding and protecting your intellectual property.  In “Computer simulation has been a critical part of designing products for some time now” I share what every company needs to know about this powerful tool.

Phoenix Business Journal: My Arizona tech sector projections for 2018

It is that time of year again, prediction season.  I share “My Arizona tech sector projections for 2018” to just see how right or wrong I will be in 12 months.

Phoenix Business Journal: Flying for business gives you options to work, or not work at all

If you spend as much time flying for business as I do, you begin to notice that there are different types of business travelers.  I explore the differences in “Flying for business gives you options to work, or not work at all” and throw some categories on business travelers. Which type are you?

Phoenix Business Journal: Exploring Easy – Software tools can deliver a huge productivity punch

Software is part of our everyday life. The problem with having all this software around is that we forget it is there. In “Software tools can deliver a huge productivity punch” I take a look at how, with a little bit of attention to what you use, you can make your business day much easier, and […]

Getting to Know PADT: ANSYS Sales and Support

This post is the eighth installment in our review of all the different products and services PADT offers our customers. As we add more, they will be available here.  As always, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out to or give us a call at 1-800-293-PADT. When we tell people that “We […]

Entrepreneur 360 Recognizes PADT as One of the Top Privately-Owned Businesses in America

Working and living in your own bubble it’s hard to recognize how others perceive your company from the outside.  That is why we were honored and humbled to learn that PADT had been chosen by Entrepreneur Magazine as one of the top 360 companies in the country.  Today we found out we are number 249 […]