Efficient Engineering Data, Part 1: Creating and Importing Material Properties in Workbench

Note: This is part 1 of a two-part series in Engineering Data customization and default settings. This article essentially serves as a foundation for my next one, which will cover how to set up default material choices and assignments in Workbench. As you’ve probably noticed, the Workbench installation comes with an extensive set of material […]

Great Showing at Sandia Technology Showcase

PADT is attending this years Sandia Technology Showcase for the first time this year.  A great turnout: The Purpose of the showcase is: The 2nd Annual Sandia Research & Technology Showcase presents cutting edge research and technology development taking place at Sandia National Laboratories. The 2013 Showcase will focus on four themes: bioscience, computing & […]

Questions Decision Makers Should Ask About Computer Simulations

‘TRUST BUT VERIFY’ A guest posting from Jack Thornton , MINDFEED Marcomm, Sante Fe, NM The computerization of engineering (and everything else) has imposed new burdens on managers and executives who must make critical decisions. Where once they struggled with too little information they now struggle with too much. Until roughly three decades ago, time […]

Presentation: Realizing Your Invention in Plastic, 3D Printing to Production

PADT was honored to be invited to present to the Inventors Association of Arizona on September 4th, 2013. This well attended event focused on giving an overview on plastic parts, their design, and there manufacture including a quick look at additive manufacturing. Here is a link to a PDF of the presentation: IAA-Realizing-Invention-Plastic-2013_09_04-1 Also, during […]

Job Opening at PADT: Part Time Human Resources Professional

PADT, is looking for an experienced Human Resources professional who is seeking 10 to 20 hours per week work with flexible hours. We are almost 20 years old and around 75 employees strong with a very low attrition rate, a strong company culture, and very casual approach to HR. It is time to take HR […]

Construction Started on PADT’s new High Speed Fiber Connection

  We were very excited to find a construction crew outside of PADT’s Tempe building the morning. After months of negotiations and permitting, construction has begun on laying fiber optic cable to the PADT Innovation Center. That is one big Interweb Pipe!  Can’t wait for the bandwidth.

20 APDL Commands Every ANSYS Mechanical User Should Know

One of the most powerful things about ANSYS Mechanical is the fact that it creates an input file that is sent to ANSYS Mechanical APDL (MAPDL) to solve. This is awesome because you as a user have complete and full access to the huge breadth and depth available in the MAPDL program.  MAPDL is a […]

Video Tips: Section Planes in ANSYS 14.5

A quick video showing a new way to create section planes by using coordinate systems.

PADT’s Tempe Open House and AZ Tech Council Progress Forum – 2 Weeks Away

Two Events for the Price of Free! Just a quick reminder, because the Facebook posts, emails, and calls from our sales people may not be getting through. Sept 10 starting at 5, going till 8 or whenever people get tired of networking and taking tours. Register with PADT, Inc.: Or with the Arizona Technology Council […]

Submodeling in ANSYS Mechanical: Easy, Efficient, and Accurate

Back “in the day” when we rode horses into work as Finite Element Analysis Engineers, we had somewhat limited compute capacity.  70,000 elements was a hard and fast limit.  But we still needed accurate results with local refinement in areas of concern.  The way we accomplished that was with a  process called submodeling where you […]

PADT’s Albuquerque Open House a Big Success

PADT was pleased to hold our first Open House in our New Mexico office this Tuesday (8/13/2013).  We had a great crowd show up to see what we are up to in Albuquerque and around the state, learn about the latest in 3D Printing, and even sneak some ANSYS technical support in. Missed it?  Don’t […]

Polyjet 3D Printers Up and Running in Denver and Albuquerque Offices

With all the opening and moving of offices we failed to notice that our crack sales team sold all of our demonstration 3D Printing and rapid manufacturing machines out from underneath us.  This made it easier to move, but hard on customers who wanted to see these systems in action.  So we took the opportunity […]

PADT Sponsoring 2013 Desert Vista Thunder Speech, Theater & Debate Team

PADT is pleased to be one of the sponsors for Desert Vista’s 2013 Thunder Speech, Theater & Debate Team.  They just kicked off their new season and were invited to a Diamond Backs game as  special guests.  They showed off the new sponsorship poster and PADT was pleased to be on the board. The TSTDC […]

ANSYS Updates in New Mexico

Clinton, Bob, Patrick, and Eric on on a trip to New Mexico to do ANSYS updates in Albuquerque and Los Alamos. The groups have been great, lots of deep questions and further insight into how everyone can get greater value out of their ANSYS Mechanical, FLUENT, CFX, and Maxwell usage. The Los Alamos session is […]

Columbia: PADT’s Killer Kilo-Core CUBE Cluster is Online

In the back of PADT’s product development lab is a closet.  Yesterday afternoon PADT’s tireless IT team crammed themselves into the back of that closet and powered up our new cluster, bringing 1104 connected cores online.  It sounded like a jet taking off when we submitted a test FLUENT solve across all the cores.  Music […]